Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its Alive!!!

So on went the distributor, and we had good spark. With a quick puff of carb cleaner, it started, sorta. Since it wants to run, we took off the fuel pump, cleaned it up and bench tested it. It worked great, so back on it went also. A short hose from the pump to. Gas can...hit the starter button and....

It just purrs right along! So we got it up to temp. There vwas a little blow by, but had good steady vacuum! We added a quart of Kreen tonic to try and clean everything from the inside out. The plan now is to let it run a little more and change the oil and add more Kreen, rinse and repeat.

Also the tires showed up and look great! They should go on soon.

Stay tuned, its getting exciting!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Phase 1

Here is an update from Bubba:

"Ok got started on phase one today. I had sprayed a complete can of jb blaster everywhere on the car including the engine etc.

So with a "bubba" approach we unloaded the car and started phase one (will hit it again sat) our mission is to drive this car and make it functional on a no budget approach.We removed the spark plugs and clean them with our plug blaster we use in Newport. They now are dry and look good:

Wally at work...

Installed a new battery ( 12 volt) turned the key on and spun the engine. wow not only did it turn over very smooth , the dash shows oil pressure on the gauge and using the thumb on each plug hole compression is very good and even ( thats what my helper Walt said rbg :>) ) . A quick test showed no power to the distributor and we hot wired it (positive ground) with no change. A quick look see and off the distributor came.
WOW some body has done some serious work on this unit and it actually taught me a couple things ( I try to learn something new every day)
The timing had been advanced to the limit and then pinned into location with a cotter pin , pics show this cotter pin.

 Also the vac piston had been removed and the inside advance was ground on in a few spots to add some advance as well.
I placed the unit on a tester and it was misfiring all over the place (multi lights ).

 Not wishing to do anything but make it run i cleaned the points in my ultra sonic tank , not much wear on the contacts and filed them to reinstall. I might add here that every connection was poor and offered a poor connection. So I blasted the condensor, tested it on a machine and blasted all connections and re ran unit on the machine. Adjusted and cleaned unit works very well on the machine now.. I also tested the coil while off the distributor and it also tests well with good output.

Stay tuned as we will reinstall the distributor and wires ( may use the old ones just for grins) and start working on the fuel system sat morning.

And just for the record the horn shown in another post works very well , kinda spooky pushing the horn button and hearing the old Ford horn."

Sunday, October 23, 2011


My son Charlie, who is 4, loves music and has been on a Chuck Berry kick lately. With that in mind the 39' now has a name. Meet Maybellene! I think it fits, and it even has "Nothin' will outrun my v8 ford..." in the lyrics. I mean our cars need a name dont they? I think this is a good one.

We got a great offer we just couldnt pass up on a set of tires from a fellow Ford Barner. So we will have. Some very nice, road worthy tires soon. Thanks a bunch Ford Barners!

Next weekend we are going to push it in the shop for the 1st time and see what we can get done. Will it run? Pics and maybe video to come!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We got it!

So here it is. Its a 1939 Ford Tudor Standard. It looks like it has lived its life in Minnesota, and has spent many many years in a barn. Its very complete. Jim (Bubba) and I went to pick it up a couple days ago.

The Plan:

Get it running/driving from the ground up, pretty can come later.

Some newer tires, go thru the brakes and front end are the 1st things on the list. We should get going soon. Stay tuned for many more pics, videos and info!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

*******Breaking News********

This just in...Looks like I just struck a deal on this:

It looks like the Flathead has found a home!

Stay tuned, film at 11:00.

Been a long time...

Progress has been slow, but that's ok. Here is more car porn. Just got the intake back from the polisher today. Pretty cool huh?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Cool Find.

Helping clean out a storage unit (former hot rod shop) on Gasoline Alley today I picked up another cool piece.  This is a Marvel Mystery Oil Inverse Oiler, or Top End Lubricator.  You mount this contraption on the firewall, and run a small line to the carb, and it injects a small amount of Marvel Mystery Oil.  It keeps the top end lubed, which is needed on the Flathead.